Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

This racing circuit is a popular destination for auto enthusiasts and visitors to the region due to its unique history and variety of events held throughout the year.

Phillip Island

The Grand Prix Circuit is on Phillip Island

This track hosts many top-notch races, including the MotoGP, the World Superbike Championships, and the Ripper V8 Supercar Series. These big-ticket events get beamed all over the globe, pulling in petrolheads from every corner. Dropping by the circuit gives you a front-row seat to the action at this famous spot.

Besides catching a motor race, visitors can have a squiz around the track. There's a spot to grab a bite for lunch and plenty of facilities for relaxation and fun.

You can also participate in one of the race events if you go on the Phillip Island Tour.

The history of the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

Kicked off in 1956, this track got a facelift in '85 when the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit mob took over and spruced it up. It's now a primo place for races like the Aussie Motorcycle Grand Prix, the Superbike World Championship, and the Shell Australian Touring Car Championship.

This circuit has a real grassroots feel built with the sweat of racing enthusiasts rather than the corporate types. Over the years, it's become a must-see for fans flocking from far and wide for the races and a stickybeak behind the scenes. To handle the crowd, they even set up a Visitor Centre in '98 to dish out the lowdown on the circuit's history and the goings-on.

The circuit is one of Phillip Island's top spots, right up there with the Penguin Parade and Seal Rocks. After you've filled the island's stunning natural spots, you can get your adrenaline pumping with some high-octane races and dig into the sport's rich history in Oz.

Whether you're mad about racing or looking for a good time, chucking the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on your travel list is a no-brainer.

Activities available

Go Karting

Visitors can enjoy the on-site Go Karts and race around the 750-metre scale replica of the Grand Prix Circuit. Individual lap time print-outs are available for those looking to challenge themselves against the clock and test their skills as potential Grand Prix drivers.

Hot Lap

Experience the thrill of a triple Hot Lap ride at the Phillip Island Circuit, where you'll be taken around the track at high speeds similar to those of Grand Prix drivers. Get an adrenaline rush and a feel for the sport during this exciting ride.

Guided Circuit Tour

The Guided Circuit Tour offers a comprehensive look at the history of the circuit and its famous drivers. Visitors will have access to areas like Race Control, Pit Lane, and the winner's podium.

Slot Car Racing

This activity features four slot cars for racing with family and friends on the country's largest GP slot car track, providing ample opportunity for zooming along. It is suitable for all ages.

Practice Days

The Grand Prix Circuit is now open to the public for motorbike riders and car racers with an Australian Motorsport Permit or Motorcycling Permit to enjoy the ultimate racing track experience.

Push Bike Rides

Push bikes are a safe and scenic option for those who prefer to move leisurely, allowing riders to enjoy views of the ocean horizon as they ride along the track.

History of Motorsport Display

Delve further into the history of motorsports by exploring the on-site display. Learn about the courageous pioneers who paved the way for today's internationally acclaimed sports racers.

Race Simulators

Visitors can experience the thrill of racing at Australia's largest four-lane GP slot car track or try their hand at one of the Race Simulators to test their driving skills and compete with friends.

Gift Shop

Visitors can purchase souvenirs at the on-site gift shop at the Grand Prix Circuit on Phillip Island to remember their time at this popular attraction.

Champions Café

After enjoying the thrill of racing along the track, visitors can unwind and grab a bite to eat at the on-site Champions Café. This modern café-style restaurant is indoors and outdoors, allowing guests to enjoy a meal while enjoying views of the water gardens, coastal shore, and wildlife.

Phillip Island Tour

Public Events

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix

This is the top-notch bike race series Down Under, mate. We're talkin' about the cream of the crop riders from all over the globe. They're defying gravity with their sick jumps, fancy spins, and lightning-fast loops around the track. Spectators will be gobsmacked by the riders' agility, guts, and speed as they duke it out on the Phillip Island circuit.

Superbike World Championship

The Superbike World Championship has been a thing since 1990. Victoria's world-renowned Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit snagged the title for being the first track worldwide to host 30 back-to-back rounds. It's been a magnet for many riders, teams, and fans hitting up Phillip Island for three decades, converging on the 4.445-kilometre circuit.